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The list is endless and we recommend you use BitTornado.

Downloading / Leeching :

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  • Let us assume that you have downloaded and installed BitTornado client on your system with the desired settings. The download part is quite simple. This is the snapshot of the torrent file you see in the thread of the video you want to download.
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  • Just click on the file and choose the destination where you want to save the actual file. Once the file is downloaded, double click it, the file will automatically open with BitTornado (installed as the default BitTorrent client) and will prompt you to choose the location to save the video.
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  • Once you are done with it, BitTornado will start looking for the available peers/seeders. As soon as the connection is established (depends on your connection speed and available peers) the download will start and will look like this.
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  • The downloads might start at a slow speed, so be patient. Download speed depends on your connection speed as well as the number of peers / seeders you are connected with and thier speed as well. Speed will increase gradually. Once the download is complete, BitTornado will look like this.

Uploading / Seeding:

There are three types of seeders

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  • 1. Those who download a file as well as upload the partial content at the same time. For this you just need to configure your upload rate at the maximum while downloading the file. It will also help you in better download speeds too.
  • 2. Those who have completed their download and still keep the torrent file running for others to download. It is a good practise, and gets you a higher and a better torrent (Upload/ Download) ratio.
  • 3. Those who create their own torrents and upload it for others. How to create and upload torrents will be described under the heading Creating And Seeding a Torrent

Creating And Seeding a Torrent

In simple steps

  1. Use a torrent maker to make a torrent file of the video you want to seed. Remember to use only our announce url ( else torrent wont work.
  2. Add the created torrent file in your thread as an attachment.
  3. Delete the torrent file stored on your computer.
  4. Download the torrent file attached in the thread you made and open it with BitTorrent client. It will automatically start seeding.(This step is important otherwise you will not be able to seed the video and will get an unregistered torrent pass error)

Note: Please continue seeding even if you dont see other peers connecting to you as it takes time to establish connection with other peers.

How do I make a Torrent?

There are lots of torrent maker available on the net. But we recommends Maketorrent and the following tutorial is based on that only.

How to configure Maketorrent?
  • Open maketorrent, Click the setting tab. Enter any name in the name tab e.g. "CC". Enter the announce url of our tracker which is
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Note: Do remember to check the "Always skip thumbs.db" check box as it creates a lot of prob and makes download stuck at 99 % (explained later)

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  • Once you have made the above mentioned changes,Press the save button. For better results close maketorrent and restart it again. Select "CC" (or the name you gave to tracker) from the dropdown list.
  • Now select the file you want to seed and click on Create torrent now! button.

Note: If you have multiple video files place them in a single folder and make torrent of all the files by selecting all rather than torrent for individual file.

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  • Choose the destination where you want .torrent file to be stored (You can delete this file once you upload it in your thread as attachment)
  • Click finish once it is done!!

How to upload the .torrent file you made?

  1. Open a new thread without torrent file attached 1st (You can not attach a torrent before saving the thread).
  2. Click on edit button of your 1st post of the thread.
  3. Click manage attachment
  4. Upload the .torrent file you made
  5. Click Close this window.
  6. Click Save Changes

Important: If the torrent is attached to thread successfully, delete the torrent file on your computer.

How to seed the torrent uploaded by you?

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  • Download the .torrent file from your thread and open it with your torrent client (You can also select open with option when you download the torrent file from thread, which will directly open the torrent file with your torrent client).

It will open a browse dialog to select the actual video files of which you made the torrent.Select the file/folder of which you made the torrent and wanted to seed.

Note: This is not the torrent file you made, it is the original file of which you made the torrent and want to share.

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  • It will take some time checking the data.
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  • After it verifies the data, it will automatically start seeding.

Happy Seeding!!