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Encoding video files help you to change the format of the video file to a more convenient one both for the uploader as well as the downloader. By changing simple properties like bitrate, codec and resolution, you can significantly reduce the size of the video with variable effect on the overall quality.

Software required:

  • GSpot or similar
  • VirtualDub/VirtualDubMod
  • DivX or XviD codecs


1. We need to find some information about your video file, to ensure that you either match the size of the original file, or to see if the original file's bitrate is too high.

To do so , open Gspot. It will give you most of the information you'll need later on. Open the avi file you wish to re-encode into GSpot and write down (or do a screen capture) of

  • The original bitrate (in kilobits per second)
  • The 'runtime' (hours:minutes:seconds)
  • The 'FPS' (frames per second)
  • The audio bitrate

After you have recorded it all down, you can close GSpot.


2. Now start up VirtualDub/VirtualDubMod and open the avi file you wish to encode. Select the 'Audio' drop down menu at the top. Ensure 'Source audio' and 'Direct stream copy' are selected.


3. Click 'Video' then click 'Full processing mode' (selected by default) and then click on 'Compression...'

4. After clicking 'Compression...', you will now have to choose the codec you want to use. Either XviD or DivX.'


5. On this screen, select the DivX codec, then click the Configure button.'

Encodevdub 5.jpg


  • After clicking the Configure button, this screen will come up. You can enter in the original bitrate you wrote down in the first step in the Bitrate box.
  • Make sure 1-pass encoding is selected. Also make sure it says Home Theater Profile in the Certification Profile box. Then click the OK button after you have completed the above settings.

Encodevdub 6.jpg

7. Click OK on the Codec screen.


8. Click File, Save As AVI... and save it your preferred location.

The VirtualDub will start encoding after you press Save button.