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Listed here are a few general guidelines to improve your FQ browsing experience.

  • Before uploading any video. Use the Search feature to check whether the video has been uploaded already to Filesquick or not. If you fail to do so, your upload might be useless as Filesquick doesn't allow any duplicate videos to be posted! This is especially applicable when using the simple html upload.
  • FQ makes it mandatory for users to upload caps along with every video they post. However DO NOT post any wrong caps with your video! This will lead to infractions and a ban for repeat offenders.Your Bandwidth will also be reset!
  • Do not post multiple clips in one post. Use one post for a clip and attach caps taken from that clip. It is fine, if you post multiple part files of same clip in one post.
  • The minimum size of the video allowed is 200 KB, less than that will be deleted.
  • Please try to avoid using Blog / Site-names in your video's.
  • Please DO NOT increase the size of a video just for the sake of gaining extra Bandwidth. Such practices are not encouraged at FQ and will lead to infractions and a permanent ban for repeat offenders.
  • Please DO NOT upload existing videos on FQ compiled into one for the sake of bandwidth, Such compilations will be removed without a notice.
  • Please Do Not post picture slide show as video, instead of that post them as pictures at exbii
  • If you want to copy a post link at FQ make sure that you copy the postid and not the threadid.You can get the postid by right clicking on the post no(See below diagram) and copying the link.


  • The easiest way to share a video link is to click on the Post in any forum link at the bottom of the post and copy the link that is generated.
  • Please use the Report post button to report any rule violations, if you find any videos with wrong/fake caps or if you find duplicate post ( same videos posted earlier). One of our moderators will take care of it ASAP.
  • For downloading large files, it is recommended that you make use of a download manager, as you can always resume your download later.The Resume Validity for Download Managers is 15 Days, beyond that bandwidth will be deducted again
  • Exact duplicate videos are rejected by the FQ server, but we do get a lot of duplicates where the quality/filesize/format is different but the content is same. We merge such threads so that the user gets a choice, the uploaders dont lose anything and FQ is not flooded.
  • Videos and Caps posted in incomplete forum will be avaliable for one month. After that it will be removed by the admin team. Members are advised to post their videos as soon as possible, no request for recovering the videos will be entrained once they are removed.
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