How do I upload videos at MasalaDesi?(Html Upload)

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1.Go to MasalaDesi and log-in using your member's ID and password as that of Xossip.


2.Once logged-in, click on the "Upload" link from Top Menu or click on the "Upload" button as shown.


3.Once you're in the Upload Page, click "Simple HTML Form Based Upload".


4.In the Standard Upload Form, you will see 15 slots that you can use to upload your images/screenshots (aka caps) to MasalaDesi. The various file types supported by MD are shown here.

Note : If you are unable to make caps/thumbnails then please follow any of these techniques as described in this tutorial.


5.Browse for the image files from your PC and add them to the form. You can upload upto 15 files at one time.

You can add more files in your post, depending on the type of files/videos. If you would like to upload multiple parts of the same file/video, kindly make sure you upload them in the same post.
(Example: If the video files are in parts, post them to the same post one-by-one or all-at-once). If uploading multiple videos; make sure to mention which screenshots specify which files/videos in the description part of the message.

When done, click on the "Upload" button to start the upload process.


6.Depending on your internet speed and file size, the upload will take some time.


P.S. : If you are using Google Chrome then you won't be able to view the progress bar & other details. However you will be able to view the progress as percentage at the bottom left corner of this window.


7.Once all the files are uploaded to MD, it will look like this:

After you're done checking, click on the "MasalaDesi" link from top menu.


8.You'll be taken to the Video Section of MasalaDesi. Click on the "Post Video" button to create a new thread for making your uploaded files public.


9.Select Prefix (Details of MasalaDesi Prefixes) to choose a category for the video.

Type the thread title in the Title Box and a brief description of the video & valid FilesFLASH link in the message box. Read this for MD's preferred method for Posting FilesFLASH Download Link.


10.Scroll down to "Additional Options" and click "Manage Attachments" button to attach the screenshots of your video(s).


11.Once the "Manage Attachment" popup windows opens, you'll see the files that you have already uploaded to MasalaDesi.

Click on the "Attach" buttons to attach the files to your post.


12.Once the files are attached with the post, it will look like this:


13.Once you're done attaching all the files with the post, click on "Submit New Thread" button to make your uploaded videos public.


14.Your submitted video will look something like this:

Now you can share the video by clicking the "Post in any Forum" link.

P.S. : Threads to be in the Main list must contain at least one image and one video(as FilesFLASH link) in the first post. Otherwise, they will not be shown in the Main Section. To move your thread to main list, just add the missing parts.

N.B. : Please use the Search Feature before posting a video. Duplicate videos will be removed.