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  • Latest Version - K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 4.7.0 Updated: 27 Feb 2009 | Freeware | 19.1MB

In case you don't have it in your system , you can download it for free at K-Lite

Its an alternate to many of the codecs installed on your system separatly . You can play all formats of video on WMP Classic supplied with it. You need not to install DivX , Real Media Player , Quicktime Movie Player etc to get their specific codecs.

MPC 1.jpg
MPC 2.jpg

1. Open Your Video in Media Player Classic (Supplied with K-Lite Codec Pack)

2. Click on File Menu & Select Option "Save Thumbnail" from the Menu

MPC 3.jpg

3. Now Choose the Destination for Thumbnail preview of your video and also

= The Size of Pic in Pixels = (1024 pixels Recommended)

= No.of Thumbs in pic = (4x4 recommended)

However , as per requirement , you can also choose other settings.

MPC 4.jpg
MPC 5.jpg

4. Now press Save Button

5. Media Player will automatically choose 16 pics from the video , each at same interval of time gap , and will save the thumbnail file at desired location (Choosen in step - 3). Media player automatically writes Name of File , Size of Video , Resolution & Duration of Video on top left Corner.

6. Now you can upload this thumbnail preview and post with you video.

MPC 6.jpg
MPC 7.jpg

7. In case you are getting error , follow next steps , else , the tutorial is over.

8. In case you are getting this error, Click on View menu of the Player.

MPC 8.jpg
MPC 9.jpg

9. Now Choose "Options" from the menu.

10. In Options Window , click on "Output".

MPC 10.jpg
MPC 11.jpg

11. You will need to uncheck the three options with single Star ( * ).

12. Choose the Options as shown in Picture.

MPC 12.jpg

13. Now Press Apply & the OK.

14. Now close the Media Player & Start again , you would be able to take the screeshots.