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  • Virtual Dub 1.7.1 or later & Ulead GIF Animator (Lite Edition)
  • All the required codecs for various video files

GIF Simple1.gif

1. Open the video file

GIF Simple2.gif

2. Select the range of fames to be converted with the Start and End Range buttons(pointer) the area selected should appear in solid colour(Red circle).

GIF Simple3.gif

3. Resize the output desired size. Select Video >Filters >Add... >resize The picture shows relative reduction by 50% You can use other options as well

GIF Simple4.gif
GIF Simple5.gif

4. Only needed if you want to Crop selected portion of the frame.

You can use the null_transform filter for this purpose if you did not use the resize filter.Select Cropping.. and crop out the undesired areas of the frame and hit OK

GIF Simple6.gif

5. Preview

Now you should be able to see the desired output by pressing F10

GIF Simple8.gif
GIF Simple9.gif

6. Exporting

Finally to save the GIF use file >export >Animated GIF... And save it to desired location.

GIF Simple10.gif
GIF Simple11.gif

7. Further Compression

As with any uncompressed GIF the size of the file may be a little bigger than what you may desire. You can use other freeware GIF tools to reduce the size of the output file further bellow are samples of compressed ones click thumb to view