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Some information on XP features for better browsing experience

How can I search the forum?

You can search for posts based on username, word(s) in the post or just in the subject, by date, and only in particular forums.To access the search feature, click on the "search" link at the top of most pages. Sharing the search results is bit tricky though. In the search results page, right click on the word 'Search' and copy the link and use it to share your results.


What is “Rating a Thread”?

Threads can be rated using the "Rate Thread" menu function that appears on the top right hand corner of the post you are reading. You can rate the thread by choosing any one of the options that are available in the pull down menu. You can only rate a thread once.

Thread rate.JPG

What is Private Messaging?

Private messages work a little like email, but are limited to registered members of this forum. You may be able to include vB Code, smilies and images(as links) in private messages that you send. You may send a private message to a member of this forum by clicking the "Compose Message" link in the private messaging section of your user control panel, or by clicking the user's name in a post and following the menu option for "Send Private Message".

Please note: If you are not a subscribed member, you will need to periodically delete old messages, as there is limit of 50 private messages you can have in your folders. This limit is restricted to a total of 3 messages until you complete 50 posts. If you exceed the number of messages, you will not be able to send or receive new messages until you delete some old messages.

How do I use the Member List?

The member list contains a complete list of all the registered members of this forum. You can view the member list ordered alphabetically by username, by the date that the member joined the forum, or by the number of posts the members have made.

What is a thread subscription?

XP has the facility to email you if a thread that you want to follow has received a new post. If you want to subscribe to a specific thread, you can do this by using the "Thead Tools" menu bar that appears on each thread.To see which threads you are subscribed to, go to your Control Panel and select "List Subscribed". You can also create new folders there to store your subscriptions accordingly.

To unsubscribe from a thread, you can either use the "unsubscribe" option that will appear on the "Thread Tools" bar or use the unsubscribe options in your Control Panel.

Thread Subscribe.JPG

How do I create and vote in polls?

You may notice that some threads on this forum also include a section where you can vote on an issue or question. These threads are called 'polls’ and contain (Poll posticon.gif) beside the title. When you post a new thread, you may have the option to also create a poll. This function allows you to ask a question and specify a number of possible responses. Other members will then be able to vote for the response they wish, and the results of the voting will be displayed in the thread. You may also want to specify a time limit for the poll, so that (for example) it only stays open for voting for a week. Poll Option.JPG

How do I go to my last post in a thread?

You would see a small black arrow (Lastupost.gif) next to the thread title, if you had a post on that thread. By simply clicking that arrow, you would be taken to your last post automatically.

What is a Live thread?

A live thread is similar to a chat room. In the live thread mode, you don't have to refresh the page. Any new posts will get updated automatically.

The live thread feature is commonly used in threads where the number of posts per minute is high, as is the case with chat threads & contest threads.

You can easily identify which threads can be accessed in live mode by checking for the word Live thread next to the thread name(see screenshot below). By clicking on it you will be taken to the live thread mode and can chat with the other users. Live.JPG