The Direct Method using kmplayer

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kmplayer is an open source media player that supports most of the video formats including real media format. It can be downloaded from kmplayer

  • Start the kmplayer and open the file you want to make the screenshots for.

  • While playing the video file at the desired location press "Ctrl + A" on your keyboard. The screenshot will be saved in the capture folder of the installed directory. Of course the default directory can be changed to any location on your computer
  • The capture settings can be seen and edited using the F2 key. In the keyboard options, you can assign a Quick Capture single key rather than the more cumbersome "Ctrl + A"

  • To create a time collage with kmplayer, while playing the video file,open the menu using right click-->capture-->make story board.Then select the filename to save and other options,like no of rows and columns in the image.
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