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Create a New Torrent:

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  • You can make a a new torrent easily using µTorrent's built-in torrent maker ( µTorrent menu > File > Create a New torrent). This opens the "Create a new .torrent" dialog box; all you need is to fill in the required information...

The Source

Here is where you specify the location of the content you wish to share. Before selecting the path chose whether you are sharing a single file or multiple ones. If you are making a torrent with more then one file those files must be located in a single folder, with nothing else in it.

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  • Select "Add a File" or "Add a directory."
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  • Browse your way to the location of file or directory you would like to share.

The Tracker

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A tracker is an application or script on a system that relays connection information about peers on a given torrent. However, it is most important since without it BitTorrent clients would not know how to find other clients sharing the same files. µTorrent knows which tracker to contact by reading the announce URL in the torrent. Tracker for Xossip is http://www.xossip.com:2710/announce.


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You may add a comment about the torrent (in µTorrent these comments appear at the bottom of the general tab).


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  • "Start Seeding" will automatically load the newly made torrent into µTorrent when you have completed the process. You have to disable it because XB requires you to "re-download" the torrent for seeding.
  • "Private Torrent" will disable DHT (Distributed Hash Table) and PEX (Peer EXchange), which are alternate means of getting peers from other peers instead of the tracker. But you need to enable this because it helps XB in monitoring user's share ratio properly and restrict members to share torrents with unregistered users.

Create and Save As

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  • This is the final step in making a torrent. For all intents and purposes it works just like saving a file in any other application.
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  • You should save the torrent in an appropriate location, such as where your other torrents are located or in the folder of the torrent you are making (this will not affect the content).

Uploading the Torrent made

  1. Open a new thread without torrent file attached first.
  2. Click on edit button of your 1st post of the thread.
  3. Click manage attachment
  4. Upload the .torrent file you made
  5. Click Close this window.
  6. Click Save Changes

Important: If the torrent is attached to thread successfully, delete the torrent file on your computer.

Seeding the Torrent uploaded by you

The procedure to be followed is the same as that mentioned in the BitTornado tutorial here