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What are XP Elections?

XP Elections are just like the normal elections you see in real life! It is an annual event held around the month of April-May. The winner gets an election winner Dibba and NHB Moderator-ship for a whole month along with a few other additional perks for his party members.

How are the elections conducted?

The fun starts with the EC(Election Commissioner(s)) recruitment drive. Anybody can throw their hat in the ring for the post of EC. The Admin team will select a few among the general public to become EC's.

What will the EC's do?

The Election Commissioner(s) oversee the election. They frame the rules and the other groundwork to conduct the elections in a free and fair manner. To oversee the chosen EC's, a CEC(Chief EC) is chosen from the Admin team.

So what happens next?

The chosen EC's will officially announce the elections and once that happens, party leaders can open party threads and form their own parties. The objective, like any other elections, is to garner as many votes as possible for the party. The party with the highest votes wins.

Is it really that simple?

Nah! Not really! Election Commissioner(s) can choose to conduct the elections in any way they want to add fun to the whole thing. So, issues such as pre-poll mergers, post-poll mergers, auctions for Star players ( Read Mods/SuMo's/Admins) and many more make sure that the elections are anything but simple! The overall idea is to of course have lots of fun!

Who all have won so far?

2005 Elections

The first ever election held in 2005 was a very close contest. In the end, two party leaders, iwannabeac of SPG and Innocent of PUSSY were declared as joint winners with 183 votes each after many counts and re-counts!

2006 Elections

The 2006 elections saw two heavyweights throw their hats into the ring. 2nitin2(Smash) and Sarab(UPX) had a very close fight indeed and Sarab finally prevailed with 223 votes with 2nitin2 coming second with 165 votes!

2007 Elections

The 2007 elections set the trend for modern elections on Xossip with grueling and hectic canvassing, fun filled participation and all round involvement. Anuban's XJP romped home in a victory over opponents including AcidicLeo, vtstudent and mysticalboy2001.

2008 Elections

The 2008 elections took the contest to a whole new level! The 3 EC's decided to add some flavor to the contest and brought in elements such as auctions, pre-poll and post-poll mergers and election-tasks that made the party leaders do more work than just Chitchat! In the end, caprir's DGR managed to out-think pondyservice1's XUPA by 65 votes and won a hard fought contest with crucial post-poll mergers.

2009 Elections

The 2009 elections saw a noob Meriaiza fight against all odds to lead the combined alliance of PHP , UPA & XBJP to a shock victory over many experienced heavyweights! This election too followed the 2008 trend with auctions/mergers/tasks and some frenetic last minute mergers and de-mergers saw Meriaiza triumph!

2010 Elections

The 2010 elections saw mms_scandals score an easy victory over his non-existent rivals(read aliases). The elections have been widely criticized for their incompetent handling by the 3nominated EC's. Apart from the usual EC bashing, allegations have also cropped up that the EC's were biased towards a particular party and killed the elections by never allowing any competition to thrive. As a consequence, the winner could be easily spotted well before the voting started and there were no surprises as FHA trumped over their rivals XBistaan by more than 70votes.

2011 Elections

The 2011 elections saw gump's XMP take home the crown after a close fought battle that ultimately ended in a merger with AQuAGaL from GRP. The elections, as usual witnessed heavy corruption and under the table dealings, but what made it famous was how pre-poll leader James82 of XMS tried to buy votes by selling the password for a torrent file that he posted. Ultimately, XMS received heavy dockings and Gump, who was next in line killed any post-poll drama soon thereafter by merging with the second largest party.

2012 Elections

The 2012 elections witnessed a tough competition among 5 parties - Exbii Bra & Panty Party, PULI: Perverts Union of Lungis Inc., XB's CHANDAAL CHAUKADI, Deadly Devils of eXBii & BPP - Bilao & Pussy Party. After the provisional results Deadly Devils of eXBii with a total of 95 votes merged with PULI: Perverts Union of Lungis Inc. with a total of 270 votes and created a new Party Deadly Lungis and shapelover was declared as the winner followed by friend_just_buddy of XB's CHANDAAL CHAUKADI & Casinar of Exbii Bra & Panty Party.

2013 Elections

The 2013 elections was fought among the 3 parties - XB's UNION of CHANDAALs lead by super84, !!~~ eXBii Masala Party - XMP ~~!! lead by clever breed & Exbii's BadTameez Dal lead by axba. The election was won by axba from Exbii's BadTameez Dal with 570 votes followed by clever breed & super84 with 311 & 145 votes respectively. This year there were some exceptions like the election was held in the month of July & the winner did not accept NHB Modship.

2014 Elections

The 2014 elections saw two parties competing for the crown - Xossip's Janta Party led by Gabbar_Sing and Xossip's Sensual Seductress Party led by Indian Princess. The election was won by Gabbar_Sing from Xossip's Janta Party with 173 votes followed by Indian Princess with 153 votes. For the first time in Xossip Elections this year members could opt for the NOTA (None Of The Above) option.

2015 Elections

The 2015 elections was fought between 2 parties - Readers Party of Xossip (RPX) led by King.Singh and Xossip's LOLLU Party (XLP) led by wocdakumar with a third party failing to qualify. The election was won by King.Singh from Readers Party of Xossip with 251 votes followed by wocdakumar with 228 votes. This election saw extensive docking due to the large number of complaints received. The NOTA option introduced in the 2014 elections was also absent this time around.