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Xossip Xclusive

Some time back we introduced a new prefix "Wife/GF" in PnV(a) where we had threads which are Xossip exclusive and people post pictures and videos of their wives or girl friends.

As a new beginning, we have removed the old and inactive threads from this category to ensure only the active and deserving guys get the benefits.

Thanks to the posters who have chosen XP to showcase their lovely wives or girlfriends, we have now decided to offer them some perks as a token of appreciation and to show that their contribution has not gone unnoticed by the Admins.


1. Xclusive prefix. (Yes, we have renamed 'Wife/GF' to 'Xclusive' as there are people who do not post there own Wife/GF's pics but post pics or videos that they get from the real owner). This way Xclusive goes well and it also goes well with our forum's name !!!

2. A red text is given to the prefix to ensure it stands out in the index ensuring better visibility of the thread leading to more views.

3. Private Message inbox limit is increased to 200 PMs to facilitate better communication between the posters and their fans.

4. The pics and videos posted in these threads are not allowed to copy in other threads on Xossip, to ensure that the poster gets all the credit for his efforts. Any violation will invite an action against copy cats by the Admins.

5. Even if a Xclusive member is no longer active and the thread is removed for wotever reason, their pics CANNOT be reposted by other members without the original poster's permission.

Criteria for Selection

1. People starting new threads will have to start their thread in 'Desi Pics' category, after posting at least 30 images they can PM Moderators : coolguy6257, K.P, Mak42 or poospcse or Super Mod Bookseeker or friend_just_buddy or may post their thread link here requesting for the Xclusive tag, after doing a review of the thread, the thread will be given the suitable tag.

3. Only those threads are awarded the status those are 100% genuine i.e. the pics posted in the thread have not been posted on the internet earlier. There may be cases where a member had his thread on some other site and wants to continue on XP, in such cases, people are advised to post some fresh pics to get the status and then post the older ones mentioning that these are old pics.

4. Pictures should be upload only on Picscrazy.

5. The thread should have an adequate number of replies in order for consideration.

6. We DO NOT require, nor do we ask for the aspiring Xclusive Couples to show us their face pictures or cam sessions. If anyone from the Xossip team asks you for such a thing, kindly feel free to send a private message (PM) to any SUMO.


Utmost care is taken to make sure only genuine posters get into this group, however internet is a place where it is very easy to impersonate anyone and hence there's a chance of some wrong people getting the credit. In such a case, if at any stage it is proven that a thread is copied from some other site and is not posted first time on Xossip, then the member will be kicked out of the group and all the benefits & his thread will be removed from Xossip.


Every year Xclusive Queen Contest is held among the Xclusive members where the winner gets a chance to win the Xclusive Queen Dibba. Not only this but also participants get a chance to win Xclusive Flashing Queen Dibba, Xclusive Boobs Queen Dibba, Xclusive BJ Queen Dibba, Xclusive Booty Queen Dibba & other awards.

The list of all the Xclusive threads can be found here.

If you have any queries or doubts feel free to ask here.